Morgen Billingslea Tanksley | Creative Director & Designer
Hello. I'm Morgen.

This Is Me.

Morgen Billingslea
Advertising Designer/Illustrator

Advertising is my passion.

I am a designer. I am an illustrator. I love to terrorize my sketchbook. I love to play with type. And I love the feeling that comes with a big idea. 

Through several years of marketing experience, internships and my invaluable education at Savannah College of Art and Design, I have discovered that I have a drive to create and a talent for finding solutions to creative problems. 

I am a hard worker, a faster learner, and a reliable employee, eager to contribute, eager to learn, and always asking the question, "So, what's next?"

Personal Interests:
- dancing while cleaning
- ice cream sundaes
- corny jokes
- cheering loudly at sports events
- road trips