Morgen Billingslea Tanksley | Creative Director & Designer
Hello. I'm Morgen.


b. 1986, HK.


Do not sell products.
Communicate visions.

“I am a creative director, designer and illustrator. But most importantly, I am a listener. The best part of my day is hearing other people talk about their passions, their missions and the visions they have for making something, anything better. I love deep diving into questions of what, why and how? And then I love making those visions come to life.”

Morgen is a graduate from Savannah College of Art of Design where she studied Commercial Illustration and Advertising. She specializes in creative team management as well as digital and print design with a developed interest in brand management, logo design, UX  design and typography.


Porsche North America
SouthernTurf Landscapes
Life Church International
Cinematic Arms Group
Jamie Bollinger
Sumiton Church of God
Red Gate Communities
Hebron Presbyterian
Goss Grove
The Madison Team
W2 Media
Whiskey Bottom Farm
Armes Movie Factory
City of Commerce, GA
Midtown Alliance
Rotary Club of Kent, WA
Teasley Place Communities
Twizmo Games
Zoetic Dance Ensemble